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The best luxury treatment centers are designed around each individualized patient using a proven approach to treatment. These top luxury rehab centers structure a customized program based on each patient's individuals needs while affording them the luxuries and perks they are used to receiving when they are at home.


Chemical Dependency  •  Substance Abuse  •  Alcohol Abuse

Our facility is specifically designed to provide spacious and relaxed accommodations. Room features include: individual entertainment centers complete with TV, cable and movie access, audio headphones, private bathrooms, modern furnishings as well as ample storage room.


Our dining hall offers appetizing meals and snacks that are nutritionally balanced to provide proper nutrition to the body during treatment. We provide services that allow our clients to relax and reconnect themselves and motivate them to continue to the next steps of recovery.

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Inpatient programs offer the highest level of treatment care and also has the highest rate of long-term success

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Inpatient rehabs are intensive, residential treatment programs designed to help individuals overcome serious or long-term addictions.


Utilizing the Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab model of substance abuse treatment we are able to provide drug free residency to clients, ensuring a safe haven for you or your loved one to recover from addiction’s devastating grip. Our drug free residency also instills the life-skills clients will need upon transitioning back into society without alcohol and drugs.


As we have learned over the years, alcohol and drug addiction is a paralyzing disease that treats every individual differently. Responding to its unique nature, our treatment programs take a client-centered approach, not a “one size fits all” model like many other drug rehab facilities.


Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab provides multiple client-centered addiction programs with heavy focus on each individual and their families. Start your road to recovery with a program specifically tailored to your unique battle with addiction and leave with a relapse prevention and long-term recovery plan.


Our addiction specialists will work with you on utilizing your insurance policy, travel arrangements, outstanding legal issues, family members throughout treatment, etc. to ensure you have a seamless transition into and out of treatment. We can get you started as soon as today!


Full Continuum of Care – At Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, men, women and adolescents suffering from drug or alcohol addiction receive treatment within one, seamless and comprehensive continuum of care model.


Gentle, Healing Atmosphere – Addiction to drugs or alcohol is an abusive disease that takes its toll on the body, mind, and emotions of the addict. Typically, by the time one is ready to take stock of the damages and do something to arrest the disease, there is residual damage to physical health, brain functioning, and psycho-social well-being.


Multidisciplinary Treatment – Our multi-disciplinary approach honors the diversity of people and personalities who struggle with addiction. Every person we treat is a distinct individual who arrives at Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab with a unique combination of characteristics involving race, culture, creed, life position, life history, drug of choice, and using style.


Recovery for the Entire Family –When someone sinks into the depths of addiction they often take their family members with them. So, by the time they arrive at Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab, their entire family is mired in the pain and chaos of their disease. Every person we treat is a distinct individual who arrives at Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab with a unique combination…


Relapse Prevention – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab’s full continuum of care model, individualized treatment approach, and core recovery program, allows us to develop strong ties with our clients and their families. When clients are ready to leave treatment, we draw from this relationship to provide them with a truly personalized aftercare plan. Designed to support sustained recovery and relapse prevention, the aftercare plan is an integral part of the recovery process.


About Us

We provide a comprehensive continuum of care which includes: intervention, general treatment programs, personalized rehabilitation and aftercare. Our facilities offer a broad range of treatment options, including inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and long-term drug and alcohol treatment.


We are one of the few behavioral health care organizations that utilize evidence-based practices measured by our own research department, which has helped us remain at the forefront of innovation and development in the field of mental health. Depending upon which program patients choose, they have the option of receiving all phases of care in one centralized location; or they can sign up for the traditional model of treatment, which separates the clinical programs and residential living into two locations. Chiron Rehab Centers has developed an all-inclusive recovery experience found nowhere else.

A majority of competing clinical treatment programs often overlook other contributing factors of addiction such as dual-diagnosis disorders, trauma, grief, pain, anxiety, anger, depression and bipolar disorder. Our behavioral health-based treatment philosophy focuses on treating the cause of our patients’ chemical dependency as well as the addiction itself. This is the key to our industry-leading success rates and why we are widely considered to be the top facility for drug and alcohol rehab.


Chiron Rehab Centers facilities offer a variety of options for residential and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and rehab options, depending on the needs of the individual. Our specialized treatment programs and highly trained professionals reflect our commitment to maximize the success of each patient.

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The type of specified medical detoxification program that you go through will strongly depend on what type of substance you’re addicted to. Some symptoms that you’re experiencing addiction to alcohol that can also be attributed to drug use include:


 • Developing drinking rituals

 • Inability to limit the amount of alcohol consumed

 • Hiding drinking habits or drinking alone

 • Experiencing blackouts while drinking


If you have a friend or loved one who you suspect may need help with drug rehab or alcohol medical detoxification, some signs to look for that may indicate chronic drug use or alcohol consumption include:


 • Tremors

 • Slurred speech

 • Irritability

 • Depression

 • Anxiety or paranoia

 • Impaired coordination

 • Deterioration of personal grooming habits

 • Withdrawn attitude and sudden, unexpected changes in personality


Finding a Detox Center

The certified specialists at a reputable detox center are ready to help you or a loved one get on the road to recovery and stay there. More than half of people who enter a drug rehab facility relapse, so it’s crucial to choose a program that can attend to your specific needs and provide you with the support and care required to ensure you don’t backslide.


There is no shame in admitting you need help. In fact, doing so proves that you have already begun to make a big step in changing your life and reclaiming your independence from addiction.


Call us at Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab. We can help you break the chains of your addiction. 866-808-6262


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We can provide effective, affordable inpatient rehab center options. Our representatives are trained to provide you with treatment options that match your specific needs. The facilities we recommend are part of a group of licensed programs that follow the clinical best practices that the treatment professionals set forth. They have experience in meeting the needs of people with addiction.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab is associated with affiliated treatment centers located in FL and may refer a person to one of these entities if the person’s treatment needs and payment abilities match the treatment offerings at these facilities. The person is free to decide another treatment center not affiliated with Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab. Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab also may recommend another treatment center not affiliated with it to a person based on his/her individual needs and payment ability.